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TelfairLife Mission

Telfair is a community where people not only live, work and play but put down roots, build relationships and get involved in a way that creates a better quality of life for themselves, their neighbors and the community at large. TelfairLife is a community-based non-profit corporation whose purpose is to provide programs, activities and services to facilitate and enhance community life in Telfair and the greater community, while responding to individual and collective creativity and interests.

TelfairLife Strategy

In pursuit of this purpose, TelfairLife focuses on five areas of community enhancement. Below are examples of programs, events and activities that may be carried out by TelfairLife:

Provide programs, events, clubs and other opportunities for personal interactions while engaging residents with volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Provide scholarships or educational endowments, support opportunities for higher learning and promote a community standard of education importance.

Provide and support cultural and artistic programs and explore the rich, cultural diversity of the area.

Promote conservation, environmental, health and wellness programs.

Match volunteers with volunteering opportunities.

Who benefits from TelfairLife

The residents of Telfair benefit from TelfairLife by generating, preserving and enhancing a true sense of community. This enhanced lifestyle and higher quality of life contribute to the betterment of Telfair and the surrounding community.


Meet Maureen Murray -TelfairLife's Community Coordinator

Working alongside community volunteers and local businesses, Maureen helps bring the community of Telfair to life. Through social programming and activities, cultural experiences, a focus on the health of our environment and a vision of giving back through charitable endeavors, Maureen is pivotal to the success of TelfairLife.